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I am available for both live session/ studio work and sessions through email. I you want a professionally recorded and played guitar (or other stringed instruments) part for your song(s), jingle or album; I can provide those at a competitive rate. Starting at only $ 50,- you get a professional recording to fit your budget, which you get to review first.

I have a wide range of professional equipment to fit with almost any sound

(see gearlist). I can record electric and acoustic guitars, bass, baritone, 12 string,

banjo, pedal steel, dobro, mandolin, etc.

Email me for more info and if you have any questions.

Some examples of recordings I did below:

Bart session rotterdam.jpg


"Bart is an absolute fantastic guitarist. I love what he has done to my song and I'll  definitely utilize his talents again" - Jamey

"Super talented and great to work with!" - Lisa

"Just perfect. This guy is on fire!" - Martin

"A pleasure to work with, both personally and artistically." - Michelle

"Bart is amazing. He went above and beyond for my project and delivered flawless tracks. Highly recommended!" - Calvin

"Bart has been a pleasure to work with. He's quick to respond and attentive to the music. There's no better deal for someone this versatile. He can crank out guitar, pedal steel, bass, mandolin and banjo. I've used him on all of the above and he hands in stellar performances." - Donavan

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