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I was born in 1977 and started playing guitar when I was 9 years old. It became a passion pretty soon and I started my first band in my early teens. I studied jazz, pop, latin and classical guitar at both Tilburg and Rotterdam Conservatories for 6 years and got a Cum Laude degree in music. 

Over the years I've played in a number of bands with whom I've played hundreds of live shows (festivals, clubs, TV/radio in the Netherlands and abroad). I recorded albums with original music with bands such as Wealthy Beggar, 2nd Place Driver and Broken Sun. Styles ranging from alternative rock to Americana.  

I am the author of a guitar method for children (in Dutch) entitled 'Wil de echte gitarist opstaan'. This method embodies 3 books, published by Iduna Publishing. These books contain all original songs in TABS and traditional notation and learn kids to play melodies, chords and to improvise a solo.

I teach guitar in my private practice and via Skype on request. I started teaching in 1997, so my experience is extensive in most common styles.

I am available for session work, both live/ in person and through email. I can provide professional quality guitar tracks for your song and/or album at a good rate in styles such as country, Americana, rootsrock, rock, pop, etc. I also play other stringed instruments, such as pedal steel, banjo, etc. I also do gear reviews (Maybach, Stanford, Reijaards, Wel Guitars, Fender, Gibson, Vintage, Recording King, Alhambra, etc), clinics (Fender, Maybach, Supro, etc) and demo's on YouTube. Email me for info.

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