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 GD Allan                                        Derrick van Schie                      Bart Dietvorst                              Rob Mertens

  vocals, bluesharp                                  vocals, piano, keys, melodica          guitars, banjo                                      bass, backing vocal



‘On’. A short, simple title. Multiple meanings of the word apply to Broken Sun: The band is both switched on and eager to continue, exploring new territories. That’s what we need to do in life. The alternative is not an option.

‘On’ is Broken Sun’s third album. Originated as a project in Melbourne, Australia, Broken Sun has  evolved into a proper band based in the Netherlands. The previous album ‘Life and Death’ was largely inspired by the loss of founding member Bart Dietvorst’s daughter Mara. Singles ‘Sister Bluebird’ and ‘Something True’ received airplay on both (inter)national and local radio stations. The album also received various good press reviews.


‘On’ contains eight new songs, written by guitarist Dietvorst and vocalist Derrick van Schie. In the first few years of the millennium both played in Wealthy Beggar and kept in touch ever since. They share a love for roots music and Americana but influences from 80’s FM rock and 90’s powerpop are also prominent on the new album.


Drummer Bart van de Put and bass player Rob Mertens (who both played with Dietvorst before in 2nd Place Driver) provide a tight and  solid platform for the songs, while Rias Baarda’s mandolin and Yvo van Gemert’s distinctive  pedal steel style make for an authentic rootsy sound palette.

June 22 will see the release of first single off the album, entitled ‘Laughing in the Rain’. It is a first taste of the album which will be released October 5th. Shortly before the album release, a 2nd single entitled ‘Make It Happen’ will head out. The band will present the new album with a special performance at Theater De Boemel, Tilburg.

The music of Broken Sun is available on most digital platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, etc).

   Rias Baarda                                    Yvo van Gemert                     Bart van de Put

     vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin        pedal steel                                      drums 


broken sun band live
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